Experienced Lawyers Helping Many Families File Successful Mental Health Petitions

Illinois residents typically face an uphill struggle in attempting to assist their family members with mental illness. If your loved one has been hospitalized on more than one occasion and has a history of noncompliance with recommended mental health treatment or medication, then you may qualify for obtaining an order for care and custody. Also known as involuntary outpatient admission, the court order allows a family member to be named the custodian of the mentally ill respondent, allowing family to ensure that their loved one complies with outpatient treatment. In some circumstances residential placement can be court ordered.

Involuntary admission on an outpatient basis is a powerful tool if your loved one:

  • Has a history of noncompliance with therapy or prescribed medications
  • Has a history of psychiatric hospitalizations
  • Is prone to stopping medications without warning

The Law Offices of Charles Rohde, P.C, in Addison is a valuable resource for families seeking ways to ensure their loved ones' compliance with mental health treatment.

Get Your Loved One Back On Track Faster Through Involuntary Outpatient Admission

A petition for involuntary outpatient admission may result in the issuance of an enforceable court order of care in family custody. This means that you will not have to wait for your family member to deteriorate to the point of being a threat of harm to himself or someone else before you can intervene. An order for care and custody allows you if necessary to hospitalize your family member with mental illness for noncompliance with mental health treatment .

We Inform And Assist Doctors, Social Workers And Families Of Mental Health Patients

If your loved one's physician or caseworker is unfamiliar with involuntary outpatient mental health petitions, our lawyers can provide valuable information about this underutilized remedy. Our clients' mentally ill family members are often inpatient at Linden Oaks Hospital, Central DuPage Hospital and other area hospitals.

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