Trial Attorneys With Extensive Experience

We know that your criminal charges do not define you. When you are charged with a criminal offense, we understand there is more at stake than just your liberty. Your family, your reputation and your job may also be jeopardized. Our goal is to provide the legal guidance you need to keep the rest of your life priorities intact.

Each Case Analyzed With Your Unique Circumstances In Mind

As experienced trial lawyers, we recognize that being arrested and facing criminal prosecution is an intimidating experience. We are confident in our ability to help you obtain a favorable outcome and mindful that every case is unique. The individual facts and circumstances of your case will factor into what a favorable disposition is for you: a case dismissal, a reduction of charges, probation in lieu of jail time or maintaining your plea of not guilty and demanding trial.

The Importance Of Trustworthy Legal Counsel

As dedicated advocates, we truly care about our clients. We work hard to defend our clients, who come to us from throughout Cook County and all of the collar counties. When you are confronted with criminal charges or accusations of child abuse and neglect, you should not have to second guess your legal representation. We do not push the same plea bargain on every client. We are not afraid to fight to protect your constitutional rights, your freedom and your future. As skilled litigators, we are prepared to vigorously defend you.