Addison Field Court

Addison Court

The Addison Field Court is located on the second floor of the Addison Village Hall, above the Addison police department. It is located a very short distance from our office, and we are available to handle cases there every day of the week, even on short notice (not that we recommend this!).

The cases heard at the Addison Field Court are traffic tickets, ordinance violations and minor misdemeanor offenses issued by the following police departments: Bensenville, Wood Dale, Addison, Oak Brook, Elmhurst, Villa Park, Addison, and the Illinois State Police District 2. Please note that, for State Police tickets, there are specific rules that must be followed to ensure the presence of the ticketing officer on the first court date.

Our attorneys have practiced at the Addison Field Court almost every week over the past fifteen years. We are familiar with the laws, the procedures and the rules as they are applied here, and our clients would attest to our effectiveness in handling cases at the Addison Field Court. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time regarding your Addison Field Court case - the village or city issuing the ticket will be represented by an attorney, should you be also?